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ReboundPro™ - Solo Tennis Trainer

ReboundPro™ - Solo Tennis Trainer

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Customer Reviews

Based on 122 reviews
Richard Oberbrunner

My daughter made it onto the JV Tennis team her freshman year but didn't have much experience. We bought this for her so she would have something to help hone her skills and improve her hand/eye coordination. It takes a little bit of time to get used to but once you do, it is a life-changer.She's made huge strides in improving her skills and the use of this little tool at home has made a pretty big difference.

Christina Spinka

I love it! I bought for my husband to practice with, but I think I use it more than he does! Super portable and if you have a driveway or street, You are in business! Just don't let the ball hit you in the head!

Julian Bartoletti

Amazing training aid for anyone learning to play tennis! It helps get you into form and connect to the ball. I love that you can use it basically anywhere (my driveway!) and that I don't need a partner to practice!

Daniela H

No longer do I have to find a wall to practice on and I also never have to run after my ball anymore, what more could I want??? 5/5

Andrew Schimmel

its so easy to use. fill it up with water. boom. u can play tennis by your self. thats it. u just need a racket. great for practing my backhand and serves