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Vevall™ Swing Booster

Vevall™ Swing Booster

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Devon Hall

really fun and easy to use at home. it helps me pinpoint the mistakes in my swing while also training me to hit the ball faster and farther. so far the results are promising and I will continue to use this to practice on my off days

Marcus Anderson

Perfect for practice, especially for those who wish to increase their overall swing performance. The trainer is fully adjustable to your liking and is quite durable even after continued use this past year. Use it for warmups and drills and with enough practice you will see improvements from your set up to your follow through.

Carlos Richa

I bought the Swing Trainer and the Swing Booster together and I am so happy that I did! The Swing Trainer helps teach you the proper way to swing while the booster helps with your speed and distance. The best part about these trainers is that I can use them anywhere and practice off the course!

Joey Sherman

A great tool for beginners and experienced players alike. Creating lag is super important so I have been making my students use the swing booster during practice. Results are gradual and do translate from practice to a real game. 5/5

Susie Carmichael

I have always struggled with my swing and this tool has helped me so much!! I practice every time with this before I hit the course and have seen my overall swing improve, and sometimes I drive farther than my husband!