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SoapBuddy™ - Automatic Dispenser

SoapBuddy™ - Automatic Dispenser

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nick Lario

This is exactly what I was looking for! I have 3 kids who are quite... messy and this will definitely help keep germs away from them (and me!!). Works great!!!

Kacey G

Looks and works just like the videos and pictures I saw. All types of soap works in here, just make sure to mix in some water if you are using Gel soap so that it foams up.

Arielle Bergstrom

Fast shipping. I love how there are 4 modes so that I can control the amount of soap I get each time, very cool!

Beth Edwards

Super simple yet such a great automatic dispenser. It's perfect especially when you have many people using your bathroom or kitchen sink to keep all of those nasty germs away!

Emily Fay

The soap comes out nice and smooth, the battery lasts a long time on a single charge, and best of all the sensor works every single time you activate it. I could not be happier