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Mini Automatic Air Pump

Mini Automatic Air Pump

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
David Sands

Bought this to replace a defective thermarest micro pump that had been discontinued. This pump is at least 3 times quicker. On fresh charge it inflated large thermarest neo-air mattress in a minute or less. I've inflated the mattress 8 times already on one charge! Barely slowing down. No batteries to buy.

Austyn Sheehan

It's so tiny!!!! So glad I bought this, can't wait to use it kayak camping. This will easily fit inside a dry box. This little thing is amazing!

Kevin Wilderman

I have tested it to inflate an air mattress, and vacuum out several Ziploc vacuum storage bags. This little pump will come in very handy on my next motorcycle camping trip. Being able to pack cloths and other fabrics into a sealed, waterproof vacuum bag allows for much more space. I love that it is rechargeable via USB, and it holds it's charge for a long time.

Mark Nowicki

Pumps up my Klymit Static V sleeping pad with flip valve in about a minute. Mainly got this to keep the moisture from my breath from ruining the pad (thats what killed my last pad, although it took years). I'm not a big fan of blowing up my pad after hiking and getting firewood etc, so this was definitely worth it.

William Turcotte

Such an awesome little pump. It's small and light enough that it comes on every backpacking trip, even when I'm packing light. The lowest light setting will supposedly last 10 hours, so you can pump up your sleeping pad then turn on the light inside the tent before embarking on evening activities, so the tent is lit up when you return