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Vevall™ Bike Phone Storage Bag

Vevall™ Bike Phone Storage Bag

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Nicolas Hickle

Wish I had something like this years ago. I've started to do longer rides (20 - 60 miles) as well as a lot more off road mtb trails. I've had flats, chain snaps, lights die and other problems. I would always need to carry a backpack to carry the stuff I needed and of course get sweaty back. This holds everything I need and the touch screen phone access is great.

Joesph Homenick

Great storage bag. Holds a towel, cell phone and portable cell phone battery charger without any problems.

Casey J

Touch screen works well and the pouchholds the phone solid. Good amount of space compared to other pouches I have tried out. I really like the location this one mounts. I have one that mounts to the handle bars and is constantly shifting, this one stays right where you put it even when riding over rough terrain. Solid purchase and so far, very pleased.

Joe Luettgen

Holds my large phone perfect and touch screen works under plastic on bag and there's plenty of storage in bag to put bike tools for the road or even a bluetooth speaker. The first day I used got caught in a passing downpour and everything in bag stayed 100% dry.

Caroline Richardson

I like to ride with my phone, but I do not like the idea of having an exposed carrier up on the handle bars like most people use in their cars for example. If I get into an accident and fall, my phone may not survive when I need it most. This case gives my phone some protection and likely would protect the phone should I have an accident even at high speeds.

The storage compartment is large. I was able to fit a thin layer (long sleeved shirt), apple, protein bars and phone with room to spare.